Monday, 18 February 2013

Evolution of LNA Aptamers (EVOLNA)

EVOLNA is an ambitious but coherent research program with the objective of transforming the field of aptamer technology. The vision is to enable evolution of aptamers that per se possess most of the desired properties, thereby alleviating the need for extensive post-SELEX procedures. This will be realized by combining the unique properties of LNA with innovative methods for LNA aptamer evolution. LNA aptamer technology is envisioned to enable evolution of aptamers displaying maximum chemical diversity, minimum size and high biostability. The developed strategies will be applicable not only towards evolution of therapeutic aptamers, which will be the main subject of this program, but also towards evolution of aptamers for biosensing, diagnostic and imaging applications. The program is at the very frontier of biotechnology research and spans the areas of chemistry, molecular biology and drug research.